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SERVICIOS DEPORTIVOS PADELMAGIC SL (hereinafter PM) in accordance with the recommendations established by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in relation to giving scope, in the best way, to the right to information of users (data holders), has prepared a new privacy policy establishing in its first block (Basic Information) a structure and language that is as clear, concise and understandable as possible, taking into account what this text should and wants to convey (privacy policy). Two differentiated information blocks can be found:


1.    Basic information,space that we believe is sufficient for the user (data owner) to have an approach to the treatment (use) of their data by PM, in general, and knowledge of the exercise of rights that the new regulatory framework expands (General Regulation of Data Protection), as well as how to proceed for the request (rights), where to go and to whom, in particular.


2.    Corporate rules associated with an internal codeestablished by PM regarding the treatment of personal data, in general, which are incorporated into a guide or internal treatment code (by its employees and collaborators)



Below we present this block, in order to facilitate access to information, a structure of headings, where any web user can access each point, specifically by clicking himself, without having to read the total set of items. points established for this purpose.

1.      1. Responsible for the Treatment


At this point we bring you the identification of the company that processes your data from the present

domain, where the website is located and where data is collected and processed through the use of cookies

, forms (contact, purchase and similar).


Keep in mind that PM can operate from several domains where web pages are integrated,

and said pages, in general, are under the same framework of rules,

common guidelines and orientations in the processing of personal data.

For this reason, in relation to this website or others that you may visit through it,

We recommend that you read the privacy policy.





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