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portable padel court

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Perfect for events, for grounds where it is not possible to anchor the track to the concrete. It is specially designed for professional players since it combines robustness with an unbeatable aesthetic finish, expanding the viewer’s vision. 

It includes a 4000kg laser cut perimeter base with a width of 50cm and a thickness of 10-12mm to allow a secure anchoring of the track without drilling into the ground.

Technical Data of Portable Padel Court

  • Our portable padel court can be adapted to any model of our courts. In other words, we can convert our three types of courts into their portable version thanks to our specially designed and manufactured perimeter to provide the court with optimal rigidity and robustness.
  • The portable perimeter allows the court to be anchored to the perimeter itself and not to the ground, measures 50cm wide and 10-12mm thick,
  • 18 tempered glass 299.5 × 199.5 × 1o mm. (if track is CO model)
  • 18 tempered glass 299.5 × 199.5 × 1o mm. (if the track is the PANORAMIC or PROFESSIONAL model)
  • Free access gates on both sides of the court.
  • If the customer needs, double doors can be installed on the sides of the court
  • 4 light masts independent of the structure to avoid vibrations and prepared at the top for the installation of spotlights.
  • 8 x 200W spotlights with 26,000 lumens
  • 86x8x8x3 mm structural net posts and all the necessary elements to deliver the court ready for the game
  • Necessary screws for the entire installation, sand, neoprene, etc.

Featured padel events

Padelmagic has carried out multiple events of great importance, our portable court has been used in the APT Monaco circuit, APT Seville, in the spectacular event that CUPRA held on a lake, in the Ibai Llanos and Piqué Balloon World Cup and in many municipalities such as portable arena for temporary tournaments.

In addition, many clients opt for the solution of our portable track when they do not have a screed to anchor the track to the ground. This solution means that we can install our portable court on any ground (we only need it to be smooth and level, to guarantee a perfect bounce of the ball).

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