Padel Court

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The panorama padel court offers the best price/design ratio. It is the most demanded model on the market, with top quality components with 12 mm tempered glass (18 pieces 3x2m), and a high-resistance structural tube for the panoramic area. Ideal for players and the public, as it offers a global view of all angles of the court.

Advantages of our panoramic courts compared to the competition:

  • Full mechanised court 
  • Completely panoramic backgrounds with the crystals only anchored at the bottom and top, leaving the central area completely free.
  • We use 18 3x2m 12mm crystals, nothing to use 10mm crystals on the sides, or put two small crystals.
  • Structural tube of 100, offers greater resistance and quality.
  • All the joints of the structure are protected to avoid friction in the joints.

Technical description Panorama padel court

  • Panoramic background with 80x80x2mm pillars in the corners and 100x50x3mm tube. Impact resistant since the entire bottom structure is joined by machined parts, to give greater resistance and ease of assembly. These pieces are joined together by DIM 7380 M8X20mm screws, leaving these pieces perfectly joined, with an upper frame of 50x50x4mm electro-welded mesh. 2000x1000mm. steel with hole for 2995x1995x12mm glass.
  • 8 modules of 3000×2000 mm. tube 40x40x2mm. steel with electro-welded mesh 50x50x4 mm. 3000×2000mm. steel, joined by reinforcing posts in 80x80x2 tube, 1250mm long.
  • 4 modules of 3000×2000 mm. of structural tube 40x40x2 mm. steel with electro-welded mesh 50x50x4 mm. steel for access to play area. All the fixing of the metal structure is done with mechanical spits with a diameter of 12, a length of 120mm with a tightening torque of 110 Nm.
  • 14 modules of 2000x1000mm of 40x20x2mm steel tube with 50x50x4mm electro-welded mesh that form the 4m high part located above the panoramic background
  • .
  • 18 tempered glass 2.995 × 1.995 × 12 mm. CE certification. Spanish manufacturer
  • Free access doors on both sides of the court (same as the official visit of Word paddle).
  • If the client needs it, double doors can be installed on one or both sides of the court, domotic module for its automatic opening linked to an online reservation is available. BEST DOMOTIC SYSTEM WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION
  • 4 posts of 80x80x2 of 6000 (±3)mm 
  • 4 supports for the spotlights made of 80x40x1.5 mm tube with 100x80x6 mm welded plates with 14 diameter through-holes for fixing the spotlights.
  • The option for curved or z posts are also manufactured in 80x80x2 tube, 3000mm long, curved and z, in 40x40x2mm tube.

All our courts include the complete set to install a complete Padel court:
– Silica sand
– Gaming network
– Neoprene
– Screw kit
-.Tape and glue for installation grass.
– Doors (optional)
-.Safety net at the top (optional)

 Hex head screw M10X60

 Hex head screw M10X110

 M10 wide flange flat washer

 Self-locking hexagonal nut M10

 P16 washer self-drilling screw

 Zinc plated M12x110 male anchor

 M12 bolt/nut protection cap

 Black ferrule 80×80; Black tip 80×4;

Black ferrule 40×40; Round Black Cap

Ø18 end cap; Round Black Ferrule Ø14


 110 Zn M8x30 screws

 110 M8 sockets

 110 Zn self-locking nuts.

 110 zn wide flange washers

 200 ml weather stripping 40×4

Zn turnbuckle 35 mm

The Panoramic and top model also include:

 Allen head screw M8x20

Washer M8 Arand. domed contact