What kind of padel courts exists?

Many customers ask us how many types are of padel tennis courts and how they differ from each other, well, we will try to help you a little.

We like to differentiate the type of the paddle court, by the shape of the structure  and based on this we offer 4 different types of courts

Court paddle eco frames: It is the easiest court and easy to assembly, it has”frames” in each of the crystals, and is widely used in neighborhood communities and private clubs that are looking for an economic price.

Panoramic paddle tennis court: This padel court is  a bit superior range, if you look at the backsides, they do not have frames between glasses, which offers great visibility in the game and its crystals are usually a little thicker than the previous model (12mm compared to 10mm of the frames one)

WPT professional paddle court: Almost all the crystals are held together. Unlike the panoramic one it does not even take frame in the unions of the bottoms with the lateral ones, which causes that the visibility in the game is maximum. Used as a central courts to host tournaments, events or exhibitions

Portable paddle court  for events: We like to differentiate this type of court, because the structure has a particularity, is self-supporting and therefore does not damage the ground where it is installed. It has a simple installation and a quick disassembly to facilitate its mobility.

And to you, which padel tennis court do you like the most? We have manufactured several tracks of each type and we are very satisfied with all the work done, but put to choose …. the professional one gives a feeling of believing you the king of paddle! 🙂

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