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ECO Marcos padel court by PadelMagic

Everything you need to know to buy your padel courts

At PadelMagic we are aware that the purchase of padel courts and the formation of a padel club has a certain complexity: Business model, market study, metal structures of the courts, glass, type of grass, galvanizing, transportation, assembly… Therefore, here we are going to summarize in a very clear way the ‘challenges’ that you face when purchasing your padel courts. A step by step that we hope will be very useful to you.

We will divide the information in the post into:

How much does a paddle tennis court cost?
Extras for the paddle tennis court
Sending the factory padel court to my club
Installation and assembly of the paddle tennis court
Padel court cover
Automated paddle tennis courts
Padel business model

How much does a padel court costs?

Padel courts are the result of a complex engineering design, which includes all the parts involved in the court: Metal structure, tempered glass, grass, hardware, lights, net, posts, etc. They must all have a unique density, dimensions and properties so that they result in a padel court where this sport can be practiced safely and efficiently. So that everything fits perfectly.

In the case of PadelMagic, we manufacture and design our padel courts in Valladolid (Spain) and we distribute them around the world. We have a team of experts in each area, who work synchronously according to the requirements of each of our clients. The characteristics of the courts depend on which one you choose from our four models: ECO Marcos, Panorama, TOP Professional, or the portable one.

The differences between each of the courts are aesthetic, structure and connection of the glass and structures for the aesthetic finish, and what you are interested depending on the type of game that will be required. The ECO Marcos, for example, has 18 tempered glasses of 3×2 meter , in addition to 30 metal structure modules, while the Panorámica has the same glasses, but the glasses are joined directly together, not by a metal structure.

But getting to the point, after all this information, how much does a paddle tennis court cost? Well, the price may vary, but as a general rule we will say that they range from 15,000 to 20,000 euros per court.

Another element to take into account and add to your project of purchasing and operating padel courts is the cost and construction of the padel court foundation where the courts are inserted, that is, the floor of the padel courts explained by us in the previous link. The foundation usually costs around €7,000-€8,000.

Is galvanizing the padel court mandatory?

It’s a recurring question, and the answer is yes and no. You have to answer these questions: Is the paddle tennis court outside? Is the padel tennis court near the sea or in saline environments? If the answer is yes, you will most likely have to galvanize the padel court to prevent corrosion and rust.

Extras for your padel court

If you want an extra element out of the elements of a regular padel court to check this point. At PadelMagic, for example, we work with the extras that we indicate in the following gallery, first we list them:

  • Custom club logo on the court (free)
  • Protections with personalized logo
  • Folding doors
  • Banks for players
  • Protection nets
  • Reinforcement of padel court for wind

Padel Court transportation

The next step after confirming the purchase of the padel court, and already paid, and after the construction of the court, is shipping by the transport company. In this case, PadelMagic has associated transport companies with which we handle large volumes of annual transport, but the client can decide to take care of the transport themselves. The transportation charge is always for the paddle club. The international transport measure is: for every two padel courts transported by ship, a 1×40 Open Top container is used, or in the case of land transport, a Tauliner trailer type truck can fit two padel courts. In the case of national transport within Spain, the Tauliner truck will be used.

padel court transport
Tauliner trailer truck. Two complete courts fit in.

Another point is the INTERCOMS, that is, what shipping mode is chosen. Generally at PadelMagic we work with DAP (shipping paid to the port and the customer picks up there), or FOB.


For national transport in Spain, or intra-UE transport in the European Union, go to next point, but for shipments to the Asian, African or American continent, customs is another point to know. At PadelMagic we have sent courts to all continents of the world and we have a clear step to step knowledge to help you quickly receive the padel courts.

If the client cannot, or does not know, take care of customs in their country, at PadelMagic we would be in contact to send all the necessary documentation (packing list with the HSCODE code, in addition to the dimensions and volumes of each item of merchandise. ). Customs always have a cost for the recipient depending on the regulations of each country.

Installation and assembly of the padel court

Another important step in purchasing a padel court is the ‘in situ’ assembly, on the land that you have prepared to install the courts. In the case of PadelMagic we give the client three options:

  • Full assembly by the PadelMagic team and technicians.
  • Assembly by a team hired by the club but supervised by a PadelMagic supervisor.
  • Full assembly by the padel club with videos and assembly guides.

The estimated assembly time per court is 2.5 days per fully assembled court, although at higher volumes the time may be reduced. The assembly price per padel court varies depending on whether it is in Spain or outside the country, supervision by PadelMagic or complete assembly, but the prices for assembling the padel court are around €3,000 per assembled court.

Padel court cover

padel court cover
Cover for a track 10.55×20.50 meters. Corfu PadelMagic Model

Another element that has been growing in recent years is the assembly of an external cover for paddle tennis courts, especially in places where the climate affects the use of the facilities many days a year. At PadelMagic we have noticed a very large increase in the demand for covers. Why is this happening? Very simple: If you want to make the most of the hourly rental of your courts, they must be in good condition for use. If it usually rains or is cold in your area, there will be many days a year when your slopes cannot be used. For this reason, by installing a cover, you will be able to continue making money on days of bad weather or cold. You will even make them more profitable if possible, because a day when you cannot do outdoor sports calls for even more playing paddle tennis in an ‘indoor’ environment.

Automation of padel courts

At PadelMagic, for clubs that want a totally passive income, we offer, with Reservadeportes, the automation of their padel courts for a really low price. What features do we offer?

  • Reservation software through app.
  • Automation of door opening by code and lights on/off according to reservation.
  • No internet connection is necessary.

Padel business model

In the end, we are here because paddle tennis is an excellent sport, and it generates income for those who bet on this business, isn’t it? Therefore, another element to take into account when buying a paddle tennis court is the business model.

Every padel club aims to rent its courts by the minute, or by the hour. Generate a community around the club and have recurring income, practically like ‘passive income’ through the club. It is certainly one of the best businesses of the decade if you approach it in the right way. How do you approach it in the right way? Taking into account the following variables around your environment:

Location of the clues: Very important and point developed in the following elements.
Nearby urban centers: Is there a large enough population nearby? You must take this factor into account to provide comfort to potential users of your slopes.
Close competitors: Factor to be taken into account and directly dependent on the target population.
Per capita income of the population: The income of potential clients is a key element when developing the strategy and rental prices of the slopes.
Meteorology: When developing a business model strategy, setting up a paddle tennis club in Andalusia, Spain, is not the same as in Nice, France. In the event of adverse climates, be it heat, or rain and cold, the possibility of setting up a cover to make the most of the days is something that many large padel clubs are realizing. Keep this in mind when planning your strategy.

PadelMagic your trusted padel court manufacturer

We hope that this step by step of what to consider before buying a padel court has been useful to you. As an extra value, we offer you an immediate quote of what the padel courts may cost you if you manufacture them with us. Click the button and we’ll stay in touch!

Padel court price: Costs and materials

Cost and prices of a paddle tennis court

The construction of a padel court can vary in cost depending on various factors. On average, the price of building a paddle tennis court can range from €10,000 to €40,000, taking into account the key aspects of the project, terrain, material qualities, volume of courts and type of court to be built. It is important to consider the following elements that influence the price of a paddle tennis court:

Factors that affect the cost of a paddle tennis court

  1. Size and specifications: The size of the paddle tennis court directly influences its cost. A standard rink has dimensions of 20 meters long by 10 meters wide, but if you want a custom rink or one with special characteristics, the price may vary.
  2. Type of surface: There are different types of surface for paddle tennis courts, grass, porous or semi-polished concrete. Each type is priced differently, so you should assess your needs and budget before choosing the right surface. In addition, the final price will vary a lot if you choose an economic lawn (fibrillated grass) or one of the latest generation (textured grass).
  3. Lighting: If you plan to play at night, you will need good lighting. Installing quality LED lights can increase the total cost of construction. Currently, the tracks are installed with 4 or 8 200w led spotlights, depending on the client’s budget. And some new asymmetric spotlights are coming out that give the track greater exclusivity.
  4. Enclosure and mesh: Enclosure is essential to keep the ball in play and ensure the safety of the players. The materials used for the enclosure, such as steel mesh with or without galvanization, will also influence the final cost.

coste de pista de padel

Materials used to build a padel court

Choosing the right materials is essential for the durability and quality of the paddle court, as well as for the cost of the padel court. These are some of the most common materials used in its construction:

Playing surface

Artificial Grass: Quality artificial grass is a popular choice due to its low maintenance and durability. Make sure you choose a grass specifically designed for paddle tennis courts, as it must have adequate grip and cushioning characteristics. There are three types of grass:
Fibrillated grass: it is the lowest quality grass, it is used on outdoor tracks that do not have a very continuous use, widely used in municipal facilities and neighboring communities.
Monofilament grass: this grass was the most used in private clubs, since it offers good durability, when each fiber is woven it is a hair therefore the density is given by the amount of woven fibers, therefore it is of better quality , is weighted with 3500 kilos of silica sand and would need to be swept every 10 days in the areas where foot traffic is taken (serve and volley) as it holds the sand less than fibrillated.
Curly or textured grass: it is a monofilament grass but it adds a turfting that curls the filament, what it achieves is that once the sand is ballasted it does not jump and therefore does not need to be swept weekly or monthly, it is ballasted with 2000 kilos of silica sand and is the surface where the world padel tour is played. At this time it is the most demanded grass, for comfort, maintenance, playability and visual appearance. Since the sand strains inside and is not seen, giving an appearance of a blue mantle.

Structure and enclosure

Steel mesh: Steel mesh is a strong and durable choice for court enclosures. Provides the necessary containment and allows good visibility of the game. If the track is outdoors and is in saline environments, it is recommended to galvanize the structure, if the track is indoors it is not necessary to offer a galvanized structure

Posts and metal structures: Posts and metal structures provide stability and resistance to the track. Be sure to choose high-quality materials to ensure long-term safety and durability.

precio pista de padel

Tips for building a padel court

Building a padel court requires planning and consideration. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when budgeting for your paddle tennis court:

Plan your budget

Before you begin construction, set a clear and realistic budget. Consider all aspects, such as materials, labor, permits, and additional costs, to avoid financial surprises.

Consult experts

If you do not have experience in building paddle tennis courts, it is advisable to seek professional advice. Consult experts in the field who can guide you on the best materials and construction techniques.

Proper maintenance

Once the track is built, it is important to maintain it properly. Regularly clean the surface, replace any damaged items, and perform periodic inspections to make sure it’s in top condition.

In summary, to have the price of your paddle tennis court and build your paddle tennis court requires a significant financial investment and working with the best company. The cost of the paddle tennis court will depend on various factors, such as the size, the surface, the lighting and the enclosure. It is important to select the right materials to ensure the durability and quality of the track. Also, following expert advice and providing proper maintenance will help maximize your investment in the long run. Enjoy your new paddle tennis court!

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