How much Padel Tennis Courts Cost?

Today we write this entry in our blog, because many customers call us to get approximate price to set up a paddle cours.

If we analyze a little the prices of the companies that are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of paddle courts in Spain, the prices that are offered are quite varied, and sometimes the client may feel confused. The doubts that arise are … How is this price difference between two suppliers possible? Are there different qualities in the materials? What kind of courts suits the best for me?

We are going to make a brief summary of the variables that affect the cost of a track

The structure: The quality of the materials makes the prices to differ a lot. If a manufacturer gives you a price much lower than the other suppliers, it will be because the quality of the structure is lower. The thickness of the tube much thinner and the finishes of the court of bad quality due to the screws used are low cost and can cause damages to the players.

Artificial grass:  Fibrillated grass is usually offered for outdoor courts or courts that are not going to have much use. However, if the client chooses monofilament or curly grass, the cost can be increased a lot. It also depends on the color of it, since a green grass does not have an increase in the price, a blue grass makes the budget go up a bit. We offer grass homologated by the FEP and nationally.

Lights: A variable that determines a lot the cost of the court. It is not the same to put halogenide lights, that LED lights. It is very important to know what king of ights that are being offered, as well as the amount of them. We always offer the customer 8 PHILIPS 150w LED lights.

Glasses: The thickness of the glasses is also decisive when evaluating the final price of a paddle tennis courts. Normally for frames courts 10mm templered glasses are offered, but if the track is panoramic or proffesional wpt, the supplier must offer 12mm glasses since these need to be much more resistant to be perfectly fastened to the structure.

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