Domotic Padel Courts by Padelmagic

AUTOMATIC Padel courts

One of the most demanded solution from our clients its   an automatic system for our padel courts, therefore, in collaboration with we offer the BEST solution for domotic/automation courts, Unique in the market because do not require an internet connection. .

Basically we could define a automatic padel court or a smart padel court as those which do not need personnel for their management. That is to say, the entire booking process including payment, access and lighting control could be done by the mobile and no need anyone to attend this

In order to do this, we have to understand three main things are needed

1. Online booking and payment system (software).
2. Some intelligent devices that allow the opening and turning on of lights (hardware).
3. Doors on the padel courts with electronic strikers.

All our courts are perfectly prepared to work with the, here you can check some of their features

Online booking and payment

  • Online reservation booking 24 hours.
  • Integration into client website.
  • Online payments in bizum and card.
  • Course management.
  • Different rates by time slots.
  • Registration for tournaments.
  • Special prices for registered residents or members
  • Waiting list for bookings.
  • Statistical graphs.
  • Accounting and daily cash.
  • Booking list in excel.
  • Reservation policy configuration.
  • Configuration cancellation policies.
  • Communication: massive mailings.
  • Automatic sending of reservations to the administrator.

Optional: Management of events and QR tickets, mobile APP for Android or IOS, management of quotas and collective classes, pool management, gym management

The system is translated into English, French, Catalan and Basque

Hardware to control automatic opening 

First option: Access control with smart Keypad

teclado electrónico pista pádel

The user receives an opening code with their booking, and could open the door by entering the code on the keypad.

Additionally, a clock can be supplied so that the lights turn on automatically after one hour.

Second option: Access control + Light control with KIT DOMO

Panel de luces pista de pádel

It is the most demanded solution on the market due to its versatility in configuration, because it is invisible and can be installed anywhere (inside a niche, inside a pavilion, etc.), which makes it very difficult to break due to acts of vandalism.

Turning on the lights is determined by the user when making the reservation, which causes the system to charge the extra per light to users who request it, regardless of what time it is.

The opening method is through a missed call, that is, users must make a missed call at no cost to the opening telephone number, subsequently the system hangs up the call and after an internal check, if the user has a paid reservation for that day and that time , the doors open and if you have chosen extra for light, the lights would turn on.

This DOMO Kit allows for countless configurations, and can also control access doors to the venue, changing room management, etc. This kit also does not require an internet connection for its operation.

Doors on the court ready to be domotic 

PUERTAS pista padel domoticas

Swing doors prepared for home automation, with vandal-resistant sheet metal, electronic strikes, red/green status LED and interior lock.

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