Who is the best padel court manufacturer?

Everyone knows that paddle is a sport which is growing so fast, around the whole world, hence the offer of padel courts manufacturers has increased so much, reaching dozens of manufacturers of courts that offer their services.

best padel court manufacturer

Customers have many parameters to analyze when choosing their provider. For us, a good manufacturer must offer the client the following features which make it different from other competitors:

  1. Quick commercial attention and sending of detailed budgets and with total transparency.
  2. Experience in international trade for the preparation of all the necessary documentation for export.
  3. International sales team who speak perfect English for good communication.
  4. High quality in all the materials used and their corresponding quality certificates.
  5. Supply of technical diagrams of the tracks, with dimensions, heights, and other relevant information of the courts.
  6. Provides detailed assembly guides for your tracks (both pdf and video).
  7. Customization of the track according to customer needs (corner customization, laser customer logo, net cover, track protections).
  8. Differentiating details from other courts (additional benches, outdoor carpet, usb port).
  9. Own assembly team with extensive experience in the assembly of tracks.
  10. After-sales service to help with maintenance and extend the duration of paddle tennis courts.

When you are looking for the best supplier, if you doesnt take care only about price and you value all these characteristics mentioned, do not doubt that Padelmagic may be your best option when choosing a quality padel court manufacturer. We have a large international experience with padel courts sold around the world. Get the quotation of your padel court project with us.



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